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During the late 1980s, the mountain bike industry began to take off and Marzocchi responded. Consumers began asking for suspension on the front end of their mountain bikes. As a result, Marzocchi introduced its first prototype MTB suspension fork in 1989. As the market developed further, so did Marzocchi and in 1995 the Bomber had arrived.

On September 1st 2008 Marzocchi Suspension become part of the Tenneco Inc. Group, with the name Tenneco Marzocchi s.r.l..

On November 2015 Fox took the MTB assets.

Headquartered in Scotts Valley, CA, FOX designs and manufactures high-performance ride dynamics products primarily for bicycles, side-by-side vehicles, on-road and off-road vehicles and trucks, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, specialty vehicles and applications, and motorcycles. For more than three decades, FOX's team of enthusiasts and professional athletes has been improving vehicle performance through a unique commitment to redefining ride dynamics.

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Marzocchi history

Marzocchi was founded in 1949 and it is presently involved in the design and manufacturing of motor bike and mountain bike suspensions.

The heritage of Italian motorsport is full of names like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ducati, and most importantly Marzocchi. It was over 60 years ago, in 1949 to be exact when Stefano and Guglielmo Marzocchi founded Marzocchi Spa, which today produces the finest, best performing Mountain bike and Motor bike suspension products in the world. The two brothers began their career as designers at the prestigious Ducati company, but soon realized that building their own empire was the direction in which they wanted to go.
After several successful years of designing and manufacturing complete motor bikes, the brothers decided that hydraulic suspension was to be the future of Marzocchi. In the late 50s Marzocchi became known as an OEM and aftermarket supplier for brands such as Ducati, BMW, Cagiva, KTM and Aprillia. Stefano and Guglielmo always placed strong emphasis on performance without compromise. Marzocchi products were, and still are known to be the best performing and best built suspension products in the worldwide.


For distribution and service for Marzocchi components (from model year 2019) for territories of Slovenia, Croatia, Bih, Serbia and Macedonia is responsible company Cult d.o.o.

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