Domel d.o.o. from Železniki and Cult d.o.o. from Logatec signed a letter of intent on the joint development of electric bicycles. The company Domel will supply its own developed electric motor, and the company Cult will take care of the development, assembly, and sale of bicycles. The aim of the cooperation is to present the drive unit on the domestic market and the development of the after-sales program, as well as the subsequent expansion to foreign markets. According to technical specifications, the already developed hybrid central drive belongs to the very top of the range of electric drive systems.

Other Slovenian companies were also invited to the development, each of which will contribute to the project in its own way. As part of this cooperation the battery will be developed and manufactured by the Slovenian company Comtron d.o.o. from Maribor.

Cult d.o.o. has been producing CULT sports bikes and KRPAN transport bikes for almost twenty years; it has already produced over 20,000 bicycles during this period. CULT sports bikes were present at the World Cycling Championships as well as at the Olympics. Krpan transport bicycles are used by post offices for mail deliveries in as many as seven European countries and are part of bike sharing systems in 19 cities in Slovenia and abroad.

The first e-bike was introduced by the company in 2012, and since then e-bikes have been a constant in the lineup of Krpan transport bikes.

Project manager at Cult d.o.o. Uroš Gnezda: Cooperation with the company DOMEL is a great honor and responsibility for us. Cooperation with the company, where we can participate in the development of the drive units, provides us with a competitive advantage in the development of e-bikes, and at the same time we will provide much-needed feedback from the market for the further development of drives. We will also support Domel in finding new customers for their drives in the global bike industry.

The company Domel, d.o.o. is a global development supplier of electric motors, suction units, blowers, and components. Domel’s solutions are sustainable and innovative. It is because of our commitment to innovation that we have become a leader in several key technology areas such as universal vacuum motors, brushless DC blowers and brushless DC motors including the most efficient permanent magnet synchronous motors. Domel is a leading development company in the market of engines for vacuum cleaners. We create drives for household and industrial appliances, such as floor cleaning machines, gardening equipment and power tools, as well as for the areas of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, healthcare and medicine, alternative energy and for the automotive industry.

The quality of our finished products is reflected in an extremely long service life, a very low noise level and a proven ultra-efficiency that reduces electricity consumption for the end user. By doing so, we are contributing to a greener future.

Our engines power more than 300 million professional and household devices worldwide.





Domel – cooperation with Cult:

Domel developed a central motorcycle motor for a well-known German bicycle manufacturer. The test results and responses of the first customers were outstanding. We have been ranked among some of the world’s best drive manufacturers.

The idea of ​​a completely Slovenian product was born – a bicycle powered by a Domel engine.


The partnership between Domel and Cult was established due to Cult’s rich experience in the field of bicycle development and production and its reputation in the Slovenian cycling environment. Products of both companies are known for exceptional quality and aftersales services. Close development cooperation is emerging, which will soon bring its first results.